Mark Henkin, CTS-D, PMP

Mark is an extremely gifted individual. His experience as an entertainment professional coupled with his ability to quickly grasp new concepts make him very valuable to our team. I enjoy working with Mark. He is willing to share and merge ideas with the team that help create new and innovative strategies for success. Mark is truly a great person to have as a colleague and a friend.

More Inspiring People to Be Added Soon!

Michael J. Kurcab

Chas Smith

Chas is a natural leader. His ability to bring people together as team under stressful situations to achieve a successful outcome is unmatched. I enjoyed working for Chas and I am very fortunate to have been able to watch him grow as a leader while having the opportunity to learn from him during that growth process.

These talented individuals have been mentors and collaborators who have inspired me and helped me to succeed. If you are looking for talented leadership, look no further. These people are the best.

Linda Paterson, CMP

Linda ensures that her client's needs are understood and met. She has the ability to bring multiple departments together to create a successful event no matter how intricate the details may be. It is always a pleasure to work with Linda.